F. Lit Yu
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The Legend of Snow Wolf is a sweeping work of epic fiction in the Chinese Wuxia (martial arts) tradition. Warriors, battles, prophecy, and destiny collide in a whirlwind of action, intrigue, and romance. On the plains of the China/Mongolia border in legendary times, wolves and men fight for domination of the steppe. Sochai, a young warrior, finds himself mysteriously poisoned. He will die an agonizing death unless an antidote is found, and all the clues as to who poisoned him point to the legend of Snow Wolf: once revered as a goddess, a great heroine, master strategist, and savior of her people. Snow Wolf may provide the answers he needs to save his own life, but at what cost?


Embarking on a desperate quest with the alchemist Li Kung to discover the secret of Snow Wolf, the pair become embroiled with the Dragon Houses; secret and mysterious, who rule the land as enemies of Snow Wolf and stand in the way of their quest. Little do they know that Snow Wolf has already devised a plan to rid the world of the Dragon Lodges forever, using Li Kung as her unwitting agent: but Sochai has a role to play in Snow Wolf’s plan, if he can survive….


The Black Crest of Destiny

A young military genius wakes up to find the entire world hunting him because of a symbol on his body.  He’s the son of one of four generals guarding the great wall against foreign invasion, a sheltered brat with lousy martial arts skills, and suddenly, he is chased from his home, his sister abducted, a huge reward out there for his head, and his is alone facing a strange army with advanced weapons.

He falls in love with a powerful woman who leads a criminal cult of poison users, and together they learn of a new threat in the empire, an enemy inciting civil war and looking to kill off the generals defending the border, with rapid fire arrows that can strike from an incredible distance.  Our hero tracks down the master weapons maker who is making these advanced weapons for the enemy, hoping to assassinate him and cut off the enemy’s supply lines.  By chance, the weapons maker sees the symbol on his body, and he sacrifices himself and his entire family to keep our hero alive, telling him that he is the only one who can unite the people and destroy the enemy.  

Our hero realizes his responsibility to the world and realizes his own genius.  He becomes sworn brothers with two powerful warriors and together they embark on a journey to protect the generals guarding the border, discover the truth behind the symbol on his body, and to root out the enemy.


Yin Yang Blades is an esoteric knife system that is complex and devastating, deeply rooted in Taoist combat tradition but simplified for the modern day martial artist.  It is a weapons system that is both strategic and intuitive, both deceptive and dependent on muscle memory for natural execution.  The practitioner is taught to plan ahead, entice the enemy and manufacture the future, meanwhile adjusting her timing and distance measurements in between moves to adapt to high speed combat.  This book is useful for all serious martial arts practitioners looking to add a new weapon to their arsenal, and who wants to examine the Taoist martial arts experience.